Our Story

Grafton St. is a coffee & gourmet food company established by brothers Craig & Wes D’Arcy. The brothers have been in business together since 2003, where they established and operated a TV & radio advertising production company. 2gether Studios operated out of two locations in Dublin, Ireland & and Perth, Western Australia.

In 2015 the brothers sold the successful 2gether Studios business to Firstcom, a large advertising agency in Dublin. In addition to the advertising business, they owned two restaurants in Wicklow, Ireland. Tired of back and forth travel trips from Australia to Ireland, the Irish boys departed Ireland permanently in 2012.

At this point, Craig took the reigns at their Australian companies, 2gether Studios & later Lipstick Digital Marketing, which they still operate today. Wes continued on his hospitality journey, where
he is now co-owner at Perth’s Mullaloo Beach Hotel. Part of the brother’s influence at the hotel was the establishing of Coffee Time Beaches, a trendy beachfront coffee kiosk on Mullaloo Beach. Wes
converted the business from an old bottle-shop back office, whilst
Craig applied his branding, market research and marketing
communication skills, utilising the resources of both 2gether Studios & Lipstick Digital Marketing to help the business succeed.